The heightening project for five of the eight quay cranes continues according to the stipulated times.

The first Ship-to-Shore crane (#108) successfully completed works that began on June 3, consisting of increasing its height from 43 to 52 meters, to able to operate up to twelve heights on deck, and in a three meters boom extension to reach beyond row 24 on board.

The conversion of these Super Post Panamax cranes to Malaccamax will allow the semiautomated terminal to optimize the operations of the new giant containerships that operate on the transoceanic routes such as the M/V HMM Algeciras.

After the completion of the heightening works, STS #108 has been moved from the phase B of Isla Verde Exterior plot to the North part of the East Quay where it will operate from now on, while the rest of the cranes (STS #101 to #107) have been moved towards the south. All marine operations have been interrupted during the transfer.

Once in its final position, additional works will be carried out to bring the first Malaccamax of TTI Algeciras into service and in full operation during the first week of October. After this complex transfer operation, STS #107 has been moved to the heightening area outside the Terminal to begin works. The expected delivery for the second heightened crane will be late December 2021.